Stef Guilly

Is a writer, author, and educator who believes that thriving is the natural human condition. She evolved her more traditional training from MacEwan University and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology | NAIT to one that focuses on emotional literacy, regulation, and resiliency. As an Advanced Consulting for Education | ACE TESOL Certified teacher, she has taught in both Canada and Italy. She is currently studying for her Project Management | PMI designation. 

Stef is a peer supporter holding space from a trauma-informed background, including certifications in First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training | AASAS, Mental Health First Aid | MCCA, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and WRAP | Copeland Center. She has studied emotional literacy, emotional hygiene, and distress tolerance skills. She practices mindfulness meditation, Ho’oponopono, and hatha yoga. 

Stef understands the complex factors that influence mental wellness through both training and her own lived experience. She has created workshops based on understanding and supporting emotions (crucial in recovery). Her courses focus on emotional hygiene and regulation and self-care. Emotions are part of a triad of CBT: emotions, feelings, and thoughts all play a role in well-being. 

As an intuitive Pisces, she explores her emotions through art, writing, and poetry. 

You can find more about her writing on Patreon

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