Dive into Alzati World:

The world of emotions and needs.  

- Increase your mental health 

- Learn skills to support yourself through illness

- Strengthen your emotional resiliency 

- Communicate with ease and confidence 

- Authentically connect to yourself and others

- Use emotions as an integral part of your

mental wellness and self-care

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a popular psychological process that states that emotions, thoughts, and behaviours are all connected. Thoughts can be trained through the use of registered mental health professionals by studying and challenging ineffective thoughts and distorted thinking. I work with the emotions part of CBT with a technique called Non-Violent Communication (NVC). 

Emotions are difficult to understand and process. Many of us think that "tired", "hungry", and "busy" are emotions. Well, we certainly answer the question "how are you?" by giving these answers, don't we? (Teaser: those are not emotions, they are states.)


Learning about: 

*What human emotions are

*Where our emotions come from

*Why we remain stuck in them, and

*How to communicate them


    Is integral to our development as humans. When we can do this, we can step into our whole selves by creating and maintaining authentic connections with ourselves and each other.

Let me introduce you to your emotions!

Alzati means "to rise up"

We can stand up in our lives when we claim our emotions and needs.

A joyful life is your birthright. You were always meant to thrive.

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